Token Distribution

Token vesting schedule

1. Incentive Ecosystem

This portion is allocated towards partners and developers contributing to the HeliChain ecosystem. For example, it includes incentives to help dApp developers get started through a grant program or for wallet partners to support HeliChain natively.

Additionally, it aims to foster innovation and growth by providing resources and support to key contributors.

2. Delegate reward (Stake Subsidies)

This pool provides block rewards aimed at sustaining and securing the network. These rewards are given to those who hold and stake $HELI, supporting the network's stability and security.

3. Mining Reward

This portion is allocated towards users new to HEATAPP. By simply downloading the app, users can join the network and mine free HELI tokens.

4. Core Team

$HELI tokens are designated for Core Contributors and Advisors as a reward for their contributions to the HeliChain network.

5. HELICHAIN DAOs treasury

The DAOs treasury pool is designated for ecosystem and community endeavors focused on enhancing the Helichain ecosystem. These may include initiatives such as network insurance, bug bounties, protocol development, operational activities, and more. These initiatives will be executed by the community through network proposals.

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